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Classic plum, cranberry and gray wedding Billings, MT

What an incredible couple.  I met Rachel and Wes in 2014 to discuss their Fall wedding but plans changed, life happened and then the wedding was moved up to May.  We were thrilled to be available that day to work with this amazing couple.  They have such an endearing love for one another it reminds you what real love and weddings should be about.  We joked that Wes would have to cut back on golfing for the wedding which I’m sure Rachel appreciated it.  And then we ran into them in Maui, HI as our  trips overlapped!  What are the odds.  So congrats Hocevars and I wish you a happy and healthy 2015 and beyond.  Huge thank you to Simply Sara Photography for these beautiful images!

Hocevar_Wedding-051 Hocevar_Wedding-066 Hocevar_Wedding-104 Hocevar_Wedding-107 Hocevar_Wedding-049 Hocevar_Wedding-122