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The picture that makes me cry…

When I think of all the things that have lead me to this spot, I am utterly speechless.  I am continually surprised at the way Mac’s Floral has grown.  I have an incredible support system of fellow Montana vendors, family and friends who inspire me everyday to reach further, push the boundaries and continue to challenge myself.   When these pro photos came back from Santa Barbara, I shed a tear.  It was the culmination of all things I had worked so hard for.  Here I was amongst some of the best florists in the country in sunny California at a stunning venue.  How had I gotten here?  How was I laughing and talking with my favorite blog writer Alicia Schwede?  Who am I?  It was all very surreal.  But I left with a clear purpose and new direction for Mac’s Floral.  I felt more confident in my design skills and my policies as a business owner.   This photo will forever remind me of that trip, the skills I learned, the incredible women I met and the new-found confidence I developed.  I hope that every small business owner gets the chance to experience this feeling.

Bouquet15-A - Copy

Photo by Megan Sorel Photography

Katalin, how do I even begin to thank you for convincing me to invest in my future and realize my worth as a florist?!  You remind me everyday what it means to be motivated, hardworking, to practice good karma and not let anything stand in the way of success.  Thank you.