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Allison (my little sister) and Sam; my new brother-in-law were married in Billings, MT at the beautiful Yellowstone Art Museum.  Allison, a graphic artist has always be a hipster, trendsetter, and constantly pushes the envelop on traditional.  She wanted an intimate ceremony with personal details.  Their backdrop was made of bird cutouts, a tracing from their souvenir after a trip to Burning Man (a desert festival in Nevada that draws a huge artistic crowd and celebrates forgiveness and rebirth).  So you could say it was going  to be a challenge and definitely not my traditional wedding requests!  Allison was immediately drawn to the tropical flower; ginger, proteas and tillisandias or air plants, but she didn’t want it to look too tropical.  We added some greenery and garden roses for scent and off we went.  I couldn’t have been happier to see my little sissy marry an incredible counterpart.  Congratulations Kazmierskis!

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Jaime & Cade

Jaime was the sweetest bride.  We met via e-mail after her visit to Wildflower Weddings in Red Lodge where they would be having the wedding.  It’s a gorgeous venue with stunning views, a glass like pond and waterfalls that light up at night.  After a couple e-mails and notes back and forth, we met for the first time just months before the wedding.  We worked out the details and finalized her floral choices to compliment her romantic mountain setting.  I couldn’t have been happier with the way everything turned out and the incredible help I had to make this wedding come to life!  Congratulations Jaime and Cade and a humongous Thank You to Gabriel & Carin Photography for these beautiful images!

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You know you’re a Florist when…

Over the years I have experienced moments when I thought ” only a florist would understand this”, so here it is.  My list of funny quirks I experience as a florist.  Enjoy!

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You recognize beauty in every living plant, INCLUDING weeds!

You notice the floral arrangements and bouquets in a photo before the person, place or décor

You buy scissors and pruning shears in packs of three, three times a year.

You can’t help but fill your online shopping cart with ribbon in every size, shade, color and texture

You’ve tasted flower food and it’s awful (but certainly not on purpose)

5 gallon paint buckets are your best friend

Wire, tape or glue can fix any floral catastrophe

You suck your own blood after hitting a rose thorn, because you couldn’t possibly have time to stop and get a band aid.

You drop a pair of pruning shears on your foot and don’t realize it’s sticking into the bone until you bend over to pick them up.

It stops hurting when you burn yourself with a hot glue gun…or at least not as badly