The not so pretty side of floral…

July 4th, 2015

There I was driving two hours away with a packed car,  to work from a rented design space in Bozeman, MT.  I was excited to receive a call from my dear friend Julio – fellow floral designer and amazing supporter – who would be helping me with the design and delivery of two large weddings.  We had planned for months, worked out logistics, ordered the perfect flowers and even scheduled some dinner for his July 1st birthday!  But his call was to warn me that flowers were not going to arrive that day due to delays in Memphis.

I knew this would put us behind schedule but not to the degree that it would cause alarm…until about 7pm when I called FedEx to confirm our packages would arrive the following day….and they were not hopeful.  2 days behind they said.  At that moment I went into full on survival mode.  Who can we source from locally?  What floral shops would work with us?  He was a champ, calling all his local sources, farmers and other floral businesses to find who could source our orders.  Yes OUR orders.  Julio not only had a birthday to celebrate, but two weddings with myself and 1 of his own to complete.  It was madness.

We spent hours running all over town to find the perfect blooms to replace what would not arrive in good condition.  It was 10pm on the night of his 30th birthday and we were finally eating dinner.  Thursday came and went and still our packages were not going to arrive.  It was hard not to lose my mind.  Massive orders for two weddings with specialty flowers that we just couldn’t’ replace.  -insert ugly cry face-   But somehow we rallied, we couldn’t wait any longer so we started assembling centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres with the supplies we did have.

And then the very tired and clearly frustrated FedEx delivery driver arrived with two large boxes of flowers.  We picked through a steaming box of molding flowers to pick out what we could salvage.  A few blooms but just enough to make the order complete and we were off.  We worked until 1am the Friday before the weddings and up again at 7am to pack and load vehicles for onsite installations and delivery.  It was blistering hot – a balmy 93 degree day in the mountains with relentless horse flies, but again we rallied and made it happen.  And at the end of this epic weekend we returned to the design space, cleaned buckets, mopped the floor and cleaned out the cooler….AND then worked on Julio’s wedding together.

As the insanely beautiful sun set over the mountains the most beautiful colors bounced off the surrounding homes and landscape,  the fireworks started.  Boom Boom.  We couldn’t help but take a minute to watch them in all their glory.  10:15pm on Saturday evening and I was finally done!  My feet felt like they weren’t my own.  So sore I could barely move and then the biggest sense of accomplishment that we had survived!  We had made it past this incredibly stressful weekend without a single client knowing what had happened.  Each one of them incredibly complimentary of our hard work and designs.

It’s these moments that make it all worth the effort and remind me there is a higher power at work.  A beyond huge thank you to Julio & Shane at Kirkham & Co for their amazing support over the weekend and to the one and only Katalin at Katalin Green Flowers for allowing us to rent her beautiful space and help us problem solve.  To her amazing assistant Mindy for coming to our rescue.  I can’t thank you all enough for your incredible support and the friendships I treasure with each of you.

Julio put it best when he said ” It has been an excruciatingly stressful week-weekend. I’m happy that in the end, there’s always a solution!”


Classic Navy & Pink Wedding Billings, MT

Stacy & Ryan were married at the Billings Depot surrounded by friends and family who wanted to celebrate!  We created pink bouquets with beautiful roses, peonies and more and a lush head table swag full of greens to compliment the reception.  I loved the idea of her centerpieces.  Just greenery with tons of candles for extra sparkle.  I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out.  Congratulations to the Lysons!

Photography- Whitney Bird  Planning & Coordination – Patricia Clark Weddings Cake – Dancing Oven Bakery

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Classic plum, cranberry and gray wedding Billings, MT

What an incredible couple.  I met Rachel and Wes in 2014 to discuss their Fall wedding but plans changed, life happened and then the wedding was moved up to May.  We were thrilled to be available that day to work with this amazing couple.  They have such an endearing love for one another it reminds you what real love and weddings should be about.  We joked that Wes would have to cut back on golfing for the wedding which I’m sure Rachel appreciated it.  And then we ran into them in Maui, HI as our  trips overlapped!  What are the odds.  So congrats Hocevars and I wish you a happy and healthy 2015 and beyond.  Huge thank you to Simply Sara Photography for these beautiful images!

Hocevar_Wedding-051 Hocevar_Wedding-066 Hocevar_Wedding-104 Hocevar_Wedding-107 Hocevar_Wedding-049 Hocevar_Wedding-122

Elegant ivory, plum & blush spring wedding Billings, MT

What a sweet couple.  Linsay & I met while working at the GAP years ago and she was always so sweet and had the prettiest nails.  Isn’t it strange the things you remember about people in your life?  We met just a few short months before the wedding to chat floral and I immediately fell in love with Linsay’s color palette- plum, ivory and blush.  She wanted a collection of peonies and roses for her bouquet and single impactful stems for the gold wine bottles she had DIY’d.  How could I say no?!  It was an incredibly beautiful wedding with simple statements throughout.  Big thank you to Miranda Murdock Photography for these beautiful images and congratulations to the Happy Couple. Linsay & Noah, we wish you the very best.

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Gatsby inspired blush & gold wedding Billings, MT

What a beautiful wedding this was.  I began working with Tatum and her mom Christie early on to talk floral for their Gatsby inspired wedding dripping in blush pinks, gold and vintage charm.  It’s not often that we provide decorating but something told me this would be a wonderful partnership and so off we went sourcing overlays, deciding on fabric colors, chargers and more.  The bride’s sister hand crafted each table saying with a meaningful quote from Penned Designs!  We had a blast working with this incredibly amazing family and couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out!  A huge thank you to Carrie Ann Photography for these incredible images, Moments in Time Wedding and Event Rentals for the beautiful backdrop and lighting, and to my awesome crew- you rock.  Congratulations Winklers!

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Spring Flower Crown Class Billings, MT

What a wonderful group of ladies to share in making these beautiful spring flower crowns from garden roses, ranunculus, tulips and more.  And what more?  We were able to host the class outside!  It was a beautiful sunny day at Better to Gather and we couldn’t be happier with these stunning images from Font & Figure.  We hope this inspires you in some way.  Happy Spring!

You can join us for our next class at the Yellowstone Art Museum June 2nd from 7-9pm, click here to register.


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The picture that makes me cry…

When I think of all the things that have lead me to this spot, I am utterly speechless.  I am continually surprised at the way Mac’s Floral has grown.  I have an incredible support system of fellow Montana vendors, family and friends who inspire me everyday to reach further, push the boundaries and continue to challenge myself.   When these pro photos came back from Santa Barbara, I shed a tear.  It was the culmination of all things I had worked so hard for.  Here I was amongst some of the best florists in the country in sunny California at a stunning venue.  How had I gotten here?  How was I laughing and talking with my favorite blog writer Alicia Schwede?  Who am I?  It was all very surreal.  But I left with a clear purpose and new direction for Mac’s Floral.  I felt more confident in my design skills and my policies as a business owner.   This photo will forever remind me of that trip, the skills I learned, the incredible women I met and the new-found confidence I developed.  I hope that every small business owner gets the chance to experience this feeling.

Bouquet15-A - Copy

Photo by Megan Sorel Photography

Katalin, how do I even begin to thank you for convincing me to invest in my future and realize my worth as a florist?!  You remind me everyday what it means to be motivated, hardworking, to practice good karma and not let anything stand in the way of success.  Thank you.

Boho Spring Shoot with Vintage Charm

“Jenna, I promise next time we will have this all planned out instead of spur-of-the-moment” – I said.   But for some reason this happens often with the two of us.  We have an idea, a thought a moment and then we go blasting into action, creating these harebrained shoots.  So when she sent me the link to our spring photo shoot at Coulson Park, I could barely stand it.  I knew they would be stunning and I was going to have a heck of a time choosing which images would be included in the blog post!  It didn’t hurt that my beautiful sister, Allison Kazmierski, jumped in front of the lense last minute and got all gussied up to be our rock star model.  I hope this inspires some of you to get out there enjoy spring and see beauty in new beginnings!

Photography – Jenna Martin Photography   Flowers – Mac’s Floral, Dress – Belle en Blanc   Model – Allison Kazmierski  Hat-Montana Vintage Clothing.  Thank you all!


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Fuchsia & Navy Baseball Inspired Wedding

Teale and Marcus were a joy to work with .  Choosing elements that were personal to the couple; each table number was inspired by a famous name in baseball and the groom’s boutonniere held in a casing from a 21 gun salute at his grandfather’s memorial.  These are the moments you feel privileged to work with a couple who values their family and one another very much.  We chose beautiful pinks, creams and hints of purple to play off the navy and fuchsia wedding colors.  The bride’s bouquet filled with baroness garden roses, pink Floyd, sweet unique, majolica, fuchsia anemones and fuchsia phaelanopsis orchids had great texture. We wish you both the very best and know you have a great future ahead.  Congratulations Weatherheads!  Huge thank you to Miranda Murdock Photography for your always beautiful images.


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Rustic Summer Barn Wedding Bozeman, MT

It was an epic day!  Amanda & Dane braved snow…yes snow in June!  It rained through the entire ceremony followed by a beautiful rainbow that stretched across the mountain backdrop and they ended the night dancing in the Big Yellow Barn.  We had such a great time working with Amanda and her family to create rustic floral touches for the ceremony and reception.  Her bouquet was made from peonies, peach finess roses, tulips and more.  Baby’s breath adorned the tables, small arrangements accented the aisleway, one large focal piece for the arch and 4 large urns adorned the aisle entry and barn entry doors.  We couldn’t have done it without the help of Genevieve at Time of Your Life Events and Big Thanks to  Lockie Photography for these beautiful shots!

2014-06-14_0771_Dane  Amanda _ Married - Copy 2014-06-14_0241_Dane  Amanda _ Married - Copy 2014-06-14_0246_Dane  Amanda _ Married - Copy 2014-06-14_0651_Dane  Amanda _ Married - Copy