RMB Spring Photoshoot

We had a blast working together with Paul Bellinger Photography and Better to Gather Events to put together this styled shoot for Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine!  It was windy, sunny, cold day in the mountains, but we managed to pull it off.  I couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out and since we couldn’t share these photos until the fall/winter issue was released, here they are!  A big Thanks to White Deer Ranch for allowing us to shoot at your rustic location.  We look forward to many more!

To see more click here: Rocky Mountain Bride.

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Fall Toned Yellowstone Park Wedding

What an incredible wedding!  Cortney and Brandon tied the knot in the beautiful Yellowstone National Park with bright fall tones against beautiful Navy blue bridesmaid dresses and park scenery!  The boutonnieres were incredible; hops buds, berries, wheat and a beer bottle cap for accent how could I have said no to that idea?!  I had such a blast working with Cortney and helping her vision come to life.  I couldn’t be happier with the result.  Congratulations Popes!

Thanks to Miranda Murdock Photography for the beautiful images.

View More: http://mirandamurdockphotography.pass.us/courtney--brandon View More: http://mirandamurdockphotography.pass.us/courtney--brandon View More: http://mirandamurdockphotography.pass.us/courtney--brandon View More: http://mirandamurdockphotography.pass.us/courtney--brandon View More: http://mirandamurdockphotography.pass.us/courtney--brandon View More: http://mirandamurdockphotography.pass.us/courtney--brandon View More: http://mirandamurdockphotography.pass.us/courtney--brandon

Modern plum and green wedding

Amy and I met last year to discuss her wedding floral.  She wanted something unique and feminine to fit her personality in hues of purple and green.  She would be creating her own centerpieces, but after a struggled try she called me with a “can you help me?”.  I was happy to oblige and we went to work re-stemming her silk flowers and creating pomanders for her Eifel tower vases.   We had a lot of fun and I have to say I was so pleased with the way everything turned out!  Julio, my dear friend and amazing fellow floral designer took on the task of creating and delivering this wedding while I drove 1,000 miles to Colton, WA.  Miranda Murdock captured the beautiful bouquets and Patricia Clark Weddings coordinated the day.  Congratulations Amy & Matt!

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Yes, I’m expensive…

….and there’s nothing wrong with that.  After watching a recent youtube video from Floral Artistry (via Flirty Fleurs) I was compelled to write about my struggle with pricing.  For the last two years I cringed when I heard the comment ” you’re expensive” or worse hearing it second hand!  I immediately felt guilty.  Was I not giving them my best customer service, was I not being more sympathetic to their financial situations,  was I not using my expertise to provide them with most unique and creative designs?  And you know what the answer was more often than not?  No, you’re doing exactly you were hired to do and more!   I had to come to the realization that I am expensive because flowers are expensive and so is my time.   I had to stop overspending because I felt guilty the bouquets weren’t just  little bigger.  I had to realize what was expensive for one client was completely reasonable to another.  I had to educate my clients better.   So this year, like so many before is a year of constant learning , evolving and changing to fit the needs of the business and provide a great product.  I hope this inspires some of you to value yourself and your talents more seriously…or pause before you jump to conclusions about a business and it’s profit margin.  Either way, we have a lot to learn from one another.  031 (2)

Lavendar and peach garden inspired wedding

Blakely and Lee were an incredible couple to work with!  They had a clear vision making my job incredibly easy .  We created a lavender and cream bouquet for the bride along with two large pieces to adorn the aisle way and centerpieces in mercury glass vases to decorate the reception tables for this intimate affair.  Lilac sprigs were tucked into each silver chair tie providing and incredible scent for the entire room and adding that touch of color!  We had a blast working with you and congratulations!

Big thanks to Jennifer Kahm with Lasting Memories Photography.  Planner: Patricia Clark Weddings, Cake: Dancing Ovens Bakery


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Beautiful blush and ivory wedding

What can I say, look at those beautiful girls!  Kimberly and I met early last year to talk wedding floral after we completed a wedding for one of her dearest friends Kristyn.  We had such a blast and loved the soft but elegant look of these country chic flowers.  Kimberly’s step mom was a creative genius decorating dozens of mason jars for the centerpieces, bouquets and other décor.  Kimberly planned from Texas with the help of family as she completed Medical School.  Talk about a busy woman, but she did it all with a sense of grace and kept a beaming smile the entire time.  We were thrilled to be a part of her beautiful celebration and wish you the best of luck.  Congratulations Kimberly & Kyle!

Big Thanks to Brooke Peterson Photography for the beautiful images!



What an incredible year; 2013 bouquets!

It’s amazing to look back over the last 12 months and see the incredible moments we have shared with family, friends, clients and fellow vendors.  We are so lucky to have worked with each and every one of you this year; learning and improving the business as we go.  We had some rocky moments and some good lessons learned, but we came out victorious and we couldn’t have done it without you!  We hope the Holidays find you well.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Coral, Blush and Ivory Museum Wedding

What can I say.  Jenni was an absolute joy to work with.  We had so much fun during our consultation.   Jenni and I went to high school together, but never knew one another well.  She is this tiny adorable little woman with an incredible sense of humor and a contagious nature.  On our second visit she brought her beautiful son Calum who lit up the room and put a smile on everyone’s face.  This was one of my favorite floral combinations this year; cafe dahlias, football mums, lilies, anemones, blushing bride and eucalyptus.  I had a blast creating the floral for Jenni and Jarred’s beautiful day.  Congratulations Weisen’s!

Big thanks to Holly Gannett Photography for capturing these beautiful moments!

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True Montana Wedding; rustic wheat inspired

Wow.  What an incredible wedding!  I had so much fun creating the floral for this absolutely endearing couple: Kelsey and Travis.  A gorgeous mountain backdrop, cowboy boots and wheat; what more could a MT wedding ask for?  They were an absolute blast to work with and every bridesmaid, groomsman and family member were beyond polite and accommodating when I arrived.  The bride’s bouquet a mix of hydrangea, roses, mums, dahlias, ranunculus and calla lilies was a stunning accent to her beautiful gown.  I couldn’t have asked for better clients or a more beautiful day.  Congratulations Grices!!

Special Thanks to Miranda Murdock for these beautiful images!

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Elegant Church Wedding; Colorful bouquets

What can I say.  Kortney and Kyle’s wedding was absolutely beautiful.  She looked like a model straight out of a bridal magazine!  Every detail was carefully planned with the help of the amazing Pat Clark of Patricia Clark Weddings.   Kortney and I met at a wedding show in January but didn’t talk flowers until much later after some great referrals from fellow vendors.   We went for an all white bouquet for the bride and a colorful match-up for the bridesmaids.  Every table was decorated with a beautiful cake from Jayne’s Signature Sweets and a single dahlia bloom.  I had so much fun creating the floral for this wedding and really enjoyed collaborating with some awesome vendors!  Congratulations Kortney and Kyle!!  Images courtesy of the amazing Tracy Moore Photographers!


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